Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lost Love

He doesn't care, he doesn't bother.
He doesn't pamper, he doesn't coax.
He doesn't caress, he doesn't kiss.
He doesn't hug, he doesn't stay.
He doesn't miss, he doesn't remember.
He doesn't give, he doesn't share.
He doesn't assure, he doesn't acknowledge.
He doesn't smile, he doesn't laugh.
He doesn't understand, he doesn't respond.
He doesn't see it, he doesn't cherish.
He doesn't love... So why should I?


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Nepali Mystery

My colleague just came back from Nepal and she bought us this Masala Peanuts snack that is really yummy. RY said its so spicy that it burns his stomach. Ok, nevermind. That's not the point.

I was looking at the ingredients and what I saw was quite interesting.

Roasted peanuts, salt & spices... the usual ingredients, and then there's EDIBLE OIL. So mysterious right? but at least they assure us that they used EDIBLE OIL.


Monday, March 31, 2008

Can life really be simple?

It's amazing how msn conversations can inspire my blog entries.

While chatting with Guang, I am now writing down my thoughts before it slipped away.

Our conversation went on about being ambitious in life and how much we wanted to live a laid-back life. I mentioned that sometimes I wondered if we are too laid back that we refused to face the fact this is a competitive world, and we need to compete and be aggressive towards our goals, or rather, just for a comfortable life. I mentioned I do not want my life to be filled with just politics and competitions. I want something meaningful to share with my descendants when I am at my death bed.

In this 21st century, on a developed island and in a cosmopolitan city, we can't, simply can't live a simple life, ironic. I was at a seminar last week and the speaker mentioned that survey results have shown that lesser and lesser people are watching television simply because they have got no time. After a hectic day of work, people go home for dinner, spend their time with kids and hit the slumber to prepare for another day of routine. That's already a daily activity. Not much time for leisure.

Guang said we should learn to take things as it comes. We can fight for what we want but not necessarily be competitive and be too serious. Question is, can we? If we don't fight hard, can we survive? Will we be eliminated by the society?

So much so of freedom and democracy, can we really lead the way we want our life to be?

At this moment, something suddenly surfaced in my mind - 'Tuesdays with Morrie'.